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Oliveira's advertising guidelines.

Know the principles of use of the website and social networks.


This document contains important LEGAL INFORMATION to use Oliveira's website. The purpose of this website is to disseminate Oliveira's products and services to the consuming public: distributors, representatives, dealers and individuals to clarify all sorts of doubt.


The service available on this website is offered for all ages. Recognizing the global reach of the Internet, the USER agrees to comply with any legislation of the place where it is located, which provides for the conduct of USERS on the network, or on acceptable content, as well as the laws in force in the headquarters of the company responsible for the community, Brazil.

Terms of use: rules established for the use of the site.

Privacy policy: rules on the maintenance and protection of the user's personal data.

User: any person who has any kind of access to the website

Portal: designates the address, site of responsibility of the company Oliveira Produtos Alimentícios, registered under the CNPJ/MF CNPJ: 85.720.290/0001-09, headquartered in Brazil, Narciso Fachini Street, nº 69, Centro, Laurentino, CEP 89170000, Santa Catarina/SC, where notifications, calls or summons should be addressed, which will only be considered valid by sending the acknowledgment of receipt.

Content: all information accessible as part of the Portal or through it (data, text, software, music, movies or other audio, photographs and other images, videos or any information related to the profile).


The website tries to ensure, as far as possible, that the information provided is accurate, complete, updated and that its use is uninterrupted and error-free. The use of this content, including all information available on the site or accessed through it, as well as any interpretation thereof or insertion in other contexts, are of sole responsibility of the USER. The information contained in the site may be updated or modified periodically. Therefore, it should not be interpreted as definitive. Oliveira also reserves the right to modify, suspend or interrupt the site, with or without notice, without being responsible for it. Oliveira reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time without explanation. Aiming for continuous improvement, Oliveira may, unilaterally, modify or revise the conditions of this term, binding the USER to all changes made. When browsing the website, the USER accepts to be guided by the Terms and Conditions of Use in force at any given moment, and should therefore review them before each visit.


The registration information and other USER data are subject to the treatment defined by the online privacy policy, being this a condition of use of the site. The USER accepts that Oliveira can yield or reveal personal information, included in the contents of its website, if it comes to be subpoenaed, by governmental or judicial decision.


Through the services and functionalities available in the website, the USER: REPRESENTATIVE/DISTRIBUTOR/SELLER will be able to download files offered by the brand for commercial use, such as: Media Kits of products for sale, Media Kit of specific line, the brand’s manual of use for third party application, as well as the manual of each product, offering Oliveira’s visual and logistic standard. Given the impossibility to make a previous control of the contents downloaded or copied from the site by its USERS, Oliveira is not responsible for such contents, for the communication between the USERS of this channel of services (whether in writing, by photo, video, manual or any other means) or for their conduct, and in case of violation of the rights of any member of the group or third parties, the responsibility will fall exclusively on those who adopted a conduct contrary to these Terms or to the current legislation. In the same way, Oliveira is not responsible for the web pages of third parties, as well as for the contents associated to them or existing in them, neither admits nor is responsible for the content available in them in an improper way. The presence of links to other websites does not imply any relation of association, supervision, complicity or solidarity from Oliveira with any of those websites and their content.


1. The contents are responsibility of the person who created them. Oliveira reserves the right to refuse the acceptance, publication, disclosure or transmission of any content at its sole discretion. By submitting content produced by the USER, the USER grants a free, non-exclusive, non-revocable, global and perpetual license to Oliveira, to the site and its licensors, to disclose, exhibit, share, publish, republish and/or commercialize such content freely, on their websites, applications or social networks, or with any third party and for any purpose, including editing, translation, publication and others, in traditional media (such as print media and TV), electronic environments and/or any support suitable for information fixation. The USER is aware that the content sent to Oliveira's website can be downloaded without protection and/or can be relay to third parties by e-mail, WhatsApp or in any other way. The USER accepts that, in accordance with Brazilian legislation, the ideas made available by him/her in any of the services, functionalities or spaces made available on the website, will not be susceptible to protection in the field of intellectual property, becoming public and free of any expectation of right or profit by the USER, being able to be used by Oliveira, or by any other USER who has access to them, without owing the USER any remuneration. Thus, by presenting an idea on the site, it will lose its characteristic of "novelty", so that only the ideas that can be disclosed, that the USER is not prevented from disclosing by confidentiality agreements, or by other obligations of the same nature, should be published on the site. The USER declares, expressly, that the content provided does not harm the intellectual property rights, image rights, among others, being the sole and exclusive responsible for the content delivered to Oliveira’s website, declaring that he has the consent of each and every one of the persons appearing in the content delivered for the use of their image, voice, name, privacy and other personality rights and that he included all the necessary credits to preserve the moral rights of the copyright holders, for the use and licensing in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

The USER agrees not to disseminate content that:

1. instigates, threatens, offends, agitates image, invades privacy or harms other USERS or third parties;

2. has the intention of obtaining illegal access to the database of Oliveira's website and/or third parties;

3. Changes and/or copies files or obtains passwords and data from third parties without prior authorization;

4. Contains illegal material;

5. Fails to respect the law, morality, good customs, the rules on copyright and / or industrial property, the rights to honor, privacy, image, personal and family privacy, committing the USER to observe the ethical and moral standards in force and the national and international laws applicable to the species;

6. Incites the practice of discriminatory acts, whether for reasons of sex, race, religion, beliefs, age or any other condition;

7. Disseminates, promotes or allows access to messages, products or services that are illegal, violent or pornographic;

8. Has the purpose of commercializing, advertising or exchanging any type of product or service, without the previous written authorization of Oliveira, under penalty of immediate elimination of the site;

9. Induces or incites to dangerous, risky or harmful practices for the health and the psychic balance;

10. Is false, ambiguous, inaccurate, exaggerated or extemporaneous, in such a way that they can induce to error on its object or on the intentions or purposes of the USERS;

11. Violates the confidentiality of communications;

12. Constitutes unlawful, misleading or unfair advertising;

13. Incorporates viruses, spam or other physical or electronic elements that may damage or impede the normal operation of the network, system or computer equipment (hardware and software) of third parties or that may damage the electronic documents and files stored in such computer equipment.


Oliveira has a direct channel available on the website for the submission of claims of questionable quality of Oliveira products. Social networks also help the company redirecting the customer to an analysis protocol of the claimed product, guiding the customer to send personal information to feed a record, as well as a photo and manufacturing batch of the product with questionable quality for verification with the Company's Quality Department.


Oliveira will make its best efforts to promote any internal investigation with the aim of removing the contents, provided the request of the injured party upon presentation of the reasons and indications that certain contents violate the laws, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site. In case of verification or sufficient indications that certain contents violate the aforementioned provisions, Oliveira may, at its sole discretion and without the need to notify or motivate the USER, remove the abusive content or suspend the account of the offending USER.


A Oliveira veda a criação de obras derivadas de caráter ilegal, difamatório, obsceno ou imoral, que possam violar a moral e os bons costumes, ou ainda utilização do material que atinja a honra, boa fama ou respeitabilidade da Oliveira ou de terceiros, sob pena de arcar com as penalidades aplicáveis pela legislação vigente. O USUÁRIO assume toda e qualquer responsabilidade, de caráter civil e/ou criminal, pela utilização indevida das informações, textos, gráficos, marcas, vídeos, mídia kit enfim, de todo e qualquer direito de propriedade intelectual ou industrial deste site. Qualquer utilização não contemplada na presente autorização será considerada como uma violação dos direitos autorais e estará sujeita às sanções cabíveis na Lei 9.610/98.


It is the sole responsibility of the USER to: 1. provide his/her own access to the Internet and pay all service fees eventually charged by third parties in relation to such access; 2. provide his/her own access to an address for sending electronic messages and pay all service fees eventually charged by third parties in relation to such access; 3. 3. provide all equipment necessary for his/her connection to the Internet, including, among others, a computer and a modem; 4. make his/her own registration on the site, being responsible for the correctness and veracity of the data reported. 5. keep his computer environment safe, using the available tools such as antivirus and firewall, among others, updated, in order to contribute to the prevention of electronic risks by the USER; 6. the use of material and/or content that may infringe the rights of third parties; 7. the content made available by him on Oliveira's website, ensuring that it does not violate any third party rights. The USER agrees with the obligation to indemnify Oliveira in retroactive action for eventual damages caused as a consequence of actions involving acts of the USER, including the effects of article 70, III, of the Code of Civil Procedure.


Due to operational issues and outsourcing of services, the website and services are subject to possible interruption problems, technical failures and/or temporary unavailability of operation. Whenever reasonably possible, Oliveira will give prior notice of the interruption of the operation of the site and services to its USERS. Oliveira excludes any liability for damages of any nature that may be due to the lack of availability or continuity of the operation of the website. Likewise, Oliveira is not responsible for the damages, prejudices or losses in the USER's equipment caused by failures in the system, server or connection derived from conducts of third parties, including actions of malicious software like virus, etc. Nor is it responsible, in any case, for any damage caused to the equipment or connection of the USER by accessing, using or browsing the website, as well as the transmission of data, files, images, text, audio or video contained therein. Oliveira IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EVENTUAL LOSS CAUSED AS A CONSEQUENCE OF CRIMES OF INJURY, SLANDER, DEFAMATION, FRAUD AND OTHERS, COMMITTED BY OR AGAINST ITS USERS. Furthermore, Oliveira IS NOT LIABLE FOR LOSSES AND DAMAGE CAUSED BY UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CONTENT OR SERVICES PROVIDED THROUGH THIS SITE, OR BY USER'S UNAUTHORIZED USE OF THE FEATURES OF THIS SITE. Although it employs its best efforts in the security of its systems, considering the vulnerability and the constant advance of the technology of invasions, Oliveira IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTS OF THIRD PARTIES THAT COLLECT OR USE, BY ANY MEANS, THE REGISTRATION DATA AND INFORMATION AVAILABLE BY THE USER in the Portal.


Tolerance of the eventual non-compliance with any of the clauses and conditions of this instrument shall not constitute novation of the obligations established herein, nor shall it prevent or inhibit the enforceability of the same at any moment. These Terms and Conditions of Use constitute a complete agreement between the parties, prevailing over any other previously signed understanding. These Terms and Conditions of Use are governed by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Its text shall be interpreted in the Portuguese language. The USERS of the site submit to the Central Forum of the County of Rio do Oeste-SC.


This Terms of Use determines how the pages of Oliveira Produtos Alimentícios can be used by the user, establishing rights, obligations and penalties.
All published contents are moderated, and will be removed the comments that are;
Defamatory, fraudulent or misleading;
Are aggressive, offensive, obscene, prejudiced, discriminatory or contain vulgar words;
Violate any intellectual property rights of Oliveira or any third party;
Violate any law, rule or regulation;
Contains advertising of any nature;
Comments that mention third party trademarks;
Among others that may be detrimental to third parties and OLIVEIRA, but not limited to these.

In the cases described above, OLIVEIRA has the right to block and/or remove the comment/content from the air immediately, as well as to exclude the user without prior notice or any indemnity or compensation.

The content of texts, links, messages, images, videos and files in general, published by OLIVEIRA PRODUTOS ALIMENTÍCIOS users, is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the author of said post, without any joint and several or subsidiary liability, under any title, of OLIVEIRA.

By disclosing content on the social networks of Oliveira Produtos Alimenticios, such as: images, texts, videos, photographs, etc.), the user declares and acknowledges that he/she allows OLIVEIRA to use, at its discretion, any material, free of charge, without any time or territorial limitation, including for advertising purposes and that such material may be used in different campaigns and media, including the social networks and OLIVEIRA official pages. Likewise, the user acknowledges that he/she has all the rights necessary for the disclosure of the content and for the granting of this authorization.

By accessing the social networks of Oliveira Produtos Alimentícios, the User acknowledges that OLIVEIRA may collect the information available about the user in his/her profile, as well as all the information published, such data being used for the improvement and enhancement of the products and services that the company offers to customers, as well as for advertising and statistical purposes, including for the development of new products and services.

Finally, OLIVEIRA informs that it uses its best efforts to ensure that communication with the User is agile, practical and simple. In case of questions, suggestions, compliments or complaints regarding the page or the Terms, or if They simply want to talk to us, the User can contact us through our contacts available on the website and social networks.

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