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Present for more than 50 years in the daily life of Brazilians.

Love, affection and dedication. Words that represent care, that show the strength of daily presence and reinforce its principles. This is how Oliveira's has become synonymous with tradition and quality, on people's table in the happiest, sweetest moments of Brazilians’ life.


Founded in 1963 by the Oliveira family.

The company has become what it is today, offering more than products, joy and satisfaction to people.

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To produce tasty foods that provide pleasure and confidence to consumers and customers.


Based in the city of Laurentino, in Santa Catarina.

Oliveira's industry has a modern and updated headquarters with the most important technologies and strict quality control for its products. Investments in infrastructure allow Oliveira to offer a wide range of foods produced with selected raw materials to give more flavor to the daily life of Brazilians. And most importantly, everything is carried out by people committed to their work and with the purpose of bringing satisfaction in each delicacy tasted.

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To be among the best food companies in the segment of performance in the country, with sustainable results.


A delicious banana candy.

Just the sound of opening the package makes your mouth water. The ideal touch of sweetness, combined with the sugar crystals... you close your eyes with every bite. Banana candy is undoubtedly the company's main product - who doesn't recognize this delicacy for its softness and unique flavor? And they are so delicious because they are produced with natural pulp to preserve the characteristics of the fruit. And there's more, Oliveira's Banana Candies are rich in potassium and fiber, indispensable elements for your health.

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People, perseverance, sustainability and trust.


Oliveira's Delights.

Made with fresh milk, Oliveira's Dulce de Leche has the authentic taste of the farm, creamy in just the right measure. And the flavor doesn't stop there. The line of fruit jams is Oliveira's trademark. And to guarantee the unmistakable flavor of each fruit, the jams are made with selected pulp. That breakfast, with a slice of bread and Oliveira fruit jam... It's just too good. And if it's all about working up an appetite, just remember the line of Cheeses, Canned Goods and Condiments. Whatever it is, it could be at your weekend barbecue, it could be the preserves of your daily salad or with the bulk packs for the foodservice segment, we want the best flavors at your table!


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